Woke up to a dense fog this morning so I had a leisurely hotel-lobby-made waffle and several cups of pretty thick coffee.
I am really starting to miss my own bed and my own….., well, I shouldn’t complain, this was my idea.
The weather reports this morning are still warning of a major winter storm in the parts of the Dakotas that are in my immediate future. I was able to travel the whole day with little more than cloudy skies, quick blustery showers and one pretty impressive lightening strike at the Spirit Mound.
This evening the weather reports are forecasting 18 inches to 24 inches with high winds and drifting for the next 24 to 48 hours. Lewis and Clark are getting even with me I think. All I can do is let the conditions dictate my travels.
Had another correct answer today for the homework question on the photos with the spires. The person that answered today doesn’t get full credit because she failed to answer the second part of the question reference the source of the answer. Good job anyway.
Start firing in some answers on today’s homework question. Have fun with it. See if your folks can help you with this one.
I am hoping to venture off the Lewis and Clark trail for a bit and visit some other significant locations in South Dakota. I don’t want to give away all my secrets, so just wait and see what the weather allows.

Daily data:

  • Beginning odometer was 27, 196 miles at Vermillion, South Dakota.
  • Ending odometer is 27,379 at Wagner, South Dakota.
  • Bought fuel today at Vermillion, SD
  • Bought 14.710 gallons @ $3.399 for a total of $50.00.
  • Meals were $18.00
  • Lodging at the Wagner lakeside Motel is $66.60

+ April 08, 2013