It’s a SNOW DAY !!!!!

Freezing rain slamming against my motel room window woke me up about 3:30am this morning.
Spent last  night in Wagner, South Dakota which is South of Pierre. Road conditions are terrible now and only expected to get worse as the day goes on. Local forecasts for the next 24 hours are for an additional 2 feet of snow. In April?
I expected to run into snow as I approached the Bitterroot Mountains, but not here in the plains. Depending on how long I am stranded here, I may have to alter some of my plans. I will just have to wait and see what happens.
Since I have little else to do today, I will give you some homework. This has nothing to do with Lewis and Clark, but it is at least loosely related to history.

Here is the assignment.

The last time a U.S. President was assassinated was on my 19th birthday. When will I be 25,000 days old?
Also, did you ever notice that my name backwards is Leon Revilo? What would yours be?
I guess you can tell, it’s a SNOW DAY !!!!!
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