Today’s travels show the variety of scenery on the Washington/Oregon State lines.
A variety of terrains, vegetation and uses in just a relatively short distance. Some of the farm field photos make me think that their equipment must have seat belts and roll cages. They farm some pretty steep slopes and it makes some beautiful scenes.

Daily data:


  • Beginning odometer at Motel 6 in Clarkston, Washington was  30,210.
  • Ending odometer at Days Inn in Kennewick, Washington is 30,448.
  • One fuel stop at Clarkston. Odometer was 30,211. Bought 7,805 gallons @ $3.459 for a total of $27.00.
  • Meals were $21.00
  • Lodging for tonight is $78.71.
    + April 23, 2013
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