The weather has eased up a bit and I finally got back on the road.
When I left Chamberlain this morning, the roads were mostly snow covered but at least they were passable. As the morning went on the road conditions improved and I was able to travel my planned route for the day.
The scenery with all the new snow was amazing. The whole countryside was pure white, bright and clean. Sunglasses were a must because of the glare.
I planned two locations for the day, one was Mount Rushmore and the other was a drive through the Badlands. After completing them I saw a sign indicating a “Minuteman Missile Site” nearby. I couldn’t resist stopping to see this unusual item. None of these were Lewis and Clark related, but all three  have significant history and/or geography.

Daily data:

  • Beginning odometer reading was 27,499.
  • Ending odometer reading is 27,900 at Murdo, South Dakota Best Western Motel
  • Meals were $26.00 (I had a buffalo chili dog for lunch and a buffalo ribeye for dinner).
  • I paid $11.00 for parking at Mount Rushmore.
  • Chamberlain, SD. The odometer was 27,499 and I bought 7.003 gallons @ $3.599 for a total of $25.20.
  • The second fuel stop was at Rapid City, South Dakota. The odometer was 27,205 and I bought 13.002 gallons @ $3.369 for a total of $43.80.
  • Lodging for the day is $68.34

+ April 11, 2013