The third day into my journey and I am very quickly learning that I need to slow down a bit. 
DSC03632Most of my entire life has been pretty scheduled and organized and I am most comfortable under those circumstances. I am learning that this trip is not going to be all that organized and scheduled.  I really have to make myself slow down, let the circumstances dictate the pace, stay a little longer if more time is needed, and don’t feel the need to rush off to the next mark on my map.
Today is a good example of that. I just could not leave Lexington as I had planned. It deserved more time, more walking around, more study, and more investment than I had planned.
Maybe over the next few weeks, I will come across some places that will go fairly quickly and I can make up the time; but I’m not sure about that. I am sure that I will not hurry and I will absorb all that I can, and I will enjoy each step. This has been a life-long desire of mine, so why hurry.

Data for the day:

Beginning odometer at Richmond, Mo 26,559
Ending odometer at Independence, Mo 26,635
Drury Inn, Independence, MO N39.05326 W94.47480 899 ft 50 degrees F.
Lodging costs $102.00  (includes evening meal and breakfast tomorrow)
Lunch $8.00
Entry fee at Fort Osage  $3.00
+ April 03, 2013