Winter Storm WALDA

OK Walda, you have my attention now!
I felt brave enough this morning to venture out and see if conditions were good enough to travel.  Watching the traffic go by the motel, everything seemed like it would be worth a try.
I loaded up the truck and set out for at least another decision point. My goal for the drive would be to get to Chamberlain, South Dakota, which seemed to be a little larger community and may actually have motels (plural) and someplace to eat besides Subway. Three hours and 90 miles later, I arrived in Chamberlain and decided to make this my home for the duration of Walda.  Some reports are saying Walda will be here through Thursday. In the photos, you can see that there is about 6 inches of snow here now and the estimates are about 24 inches.
Local radio reports are now saying that the highway department is contemplating the closure of Interstate 90 in the next hour or so.
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