Palouse Falls, Washington

One of the most beautiful water falls in all of Washington.
These falls are the only remaining major falls created by glacial floods 15,000 years ago. The Ranger related that the water is not always that muddy. The color is due to a heavy rain just the day before.
N46.66368  W118.22744 Elevation 899 feet

Daily data:


  • Beginning odometer at Comfort Inn, Lewiston, Idaho was 30025.
  • Ending  odometer at Motel 6, Clarkston, Washington is 30,210.
  • Fuel purchased at Clarkston, WA, odometer 30060, 12.860 gallons @ $3.459 for a total of $44.48.
  • Meals for the day were  $22.00
  • Lodging for the day is $47.07


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