Now that it’s over !

First of all, I owe some words of appreciation to many of you.
The first Thank You goes to my wife for her support and encouragement. She has listened to me talking about and planning this journey for a long, long time. I am sure she thought it would never really happen– that’s what I thought too for many years. She has always understood my wish to actually take this adventure and she has always understood that I wouldn’t shut up about it until I did it. She has put up with a lot from me and in reality, this is just one little quirk of mine; one of many she has learned to live with. Thank you so much to my wonderful wife Judy.
The next person I need to thank is my son Adam. He too has listened to this dream for a long time. I think it was his guidance and assistance with the blogging possibilities that made me finally decide to “pull the trigger” on this journey. His expertise in that field made it a no brainer for me and his willingness to work with me every night of the trip, made it possible.
Next my Thank You expressions should go to the unknown number of elementary students from around the world that at least occasionally peaked in on my blog. Their interest and curiosity about one of my favorite subjects encouraged me to keep at it and make that journal entry every night of the trip, no matter how late at night it took me and Adam to get the job done. I really hope that this adventure has stoked at least a small flame in some young student that will make history and geography more than just memorized dates and state capitols.
I also need to thank the Macomb Rotary Foundation and State Farm Agent Cathy Early for their very generous financial support. Each time I pumped fuel into my Tacoma, I appreciated their contributions.
noeldrivingIn summary, the journey was 8,981 miles long from start to finish. I was gone from home for a total of 52 days. I purchased 458.5 gallons of fuel (average of more than 19 mpg). I took over 2,500 photographs. I visited 15 states. I witnessed no vehicle crashes, only saw one semi on it’s side in the median. I was never stopped by any police agencies. I didn’t lose anything along the way. The only problem with my truck was a crack in the windshield that has remained stable. The website had well over 11,ooo views. I had an adventure of a lifetime.
Thanks again to all who encouraged and supported me in any way.