Mt. Hood Oregon

Mt. Hood had little to do with the Corps of Discovery journey, but they did see it and include it in their diaries as a major landmark. 
Its snow covered, pointed top is visible for more than 50 miles on the Columbia River. As you approach, mile by mile, it keeps getting bigger and taller. Now that I am here on the top, it is as majestic as I expected.
N45.30312 W121.76526 Elevation 5,911 feet

Daily data:


  • Beginning odometer at Days Inn in Kennewick, WA was 30,488 miles
  • Ending odometer at Best Western, Government Camp, Mt. Hood, Oregon is 30699 miles
  • Meals were $24.00.
  • Fuel purchased at Kennewick, WA, odometer 30448, bought 11.452 gallons @ $3.539 for a total of $40.53.
  • Lodging for tonight is $88.16.

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