Missouri River Basin Lewis and Clark Trail Visitor Center

This is a beautiful, very well maintained, multifaceted facility that is a “must see” for Lewis and Clark buffs.
Perfectly situated high above the Missouri River at Nebraska City, Nebraska, this facility has been able to combine many aspects of the Corps of Discovery. I think it is appropriate for the casual visitor that knows little or nothing about the great adventure, and it is appropriate for the well prepared student of Lewis and Clark. Each extreme will be able to absorb something of significance from this facility and its intriguing grounds.
I had a short visit here on one evening just before they were closing for the day and an extended visit the next day. In both instances, the staff at the facility were more than cordial, very enthusiastic and knowledgable, and eager to ensure that my visit was a rewarding one. They were rightfully proud of their facility and they were determined to show it at its best.
You might want to check out their web site too. CLICK HERE
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