March 5, 2013 Only 27 days until departure.

Only 27 days remaining to prepare for the trip.  I have a couple of important appointments that might be of interest to anyone already following the blog.
imgresFriday, March 8, I have an “on air interview” with a Quincy radio station at 7:50am.  They want me to talk about the trip and the inclusion of elementary school students in the adventure.  This interview will be with Greg Haubrich of WGEM News/Talk 105.  Maybe a few more schools might hear about the trip in this interview and decide to join us. The more students, the better.

Friday, March 15, I will be meeting with some fifth and sixth grade students at West Prairie Middle School.  Their teacher, Mrs. Smith will also be assisting me in planning the daily blog information content and means of presentation.  I am anxious to meet the students, tell them of my plans, and maybe create some enthusiasm on their part.  It is even possible that one of them will be intrigued to the point that they will someday share an adventure with another generation.