Lexington, MO

More history than I could absorb in a day.
This is a place that I will have to revisit some day when I can be better prepared to understand the complexities of the 19th century in this part of Missouri.
Who knew that there was a “Battle of Lexington” in the Civil War?  I always thought the Battle of Lexington was a revolutionary war battle.  Well, it was that too, but this one is in Missouri and involves “HEMP”. Not the marijuana type that we know of today.
The confederates used the river soaked hemp bales to protect them as they advanced on the union soldiers on the third day of battle in Lexington. This strategy forced the union soldiers to surrender and forfeit the territory.
Additional stories of Lexington in the 1800’s are too numerous and involved for me to begin to discuss here. If you are interested, do some research about Lexington, Missouri.
N39.18553 W93.88286 872 ft
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