Gates of the Mountains

A beautiful lake nestled in the mountains and getting ready for spring tourist season.
Since the season doesn’t actually start until May 1, the tour boats were not operational and no one was interested in assisting a wandering tourist like me. The lake is beautiful but the Lewis and Clark connection is the part called the  “Gates” which is not visible except by boat. While visiting with a man that was launching his fishing boat, I casually asked if I could hire him to take me to the Gates. His reply was something like “the trout are really biting and you don’t have enough money for me to waste my time taking you for a boat ride”. Well, OK then, a good day to you too. I guess I really couldn’t blame him. I saw a few trout at the boat dock and they looked to be 16 to 20 inches long.
odometer 29,382 N46.83177  W111.95298 Elevation 3612
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