I didn’t cover many miles, but I did stay right on the river all day and saw some amazing sights.
A few mountain streams and a departing view of Mt. Hood, which I think is one of my favorite places so far.

Daily data:


  • Beginning odometer at Best Western on Mt. Hood was 30,700 miles.
  • Ending odometer at Days Inn in Gresham, Oregon is 30,805 miles.
  • Bought fuel at Mt. Hood.  Bought 9.687 galloons @ $4.129 for a total of 40.00. This was not a fill-up because of the price per gallon. I just wanted enough to be sure I could get down the mountain.
  • Meals for the day was $29.00.
  • Lodging for tonight is $65.57

+ April 25, 2013
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