Highway 12 in Idaho is possibly the most scenic drive I have ever taken.
The range of altitudes, weather, scenery, and history, all make this an unforgettable day of driving. It was much more than I expected today, it was remarkable. There were times when I was nervous about the visibility and driving conditions, but even then I was stunned by the beauty.
Lewis and Clark faced these same conditions and the comments in their journals reflected the same awe that I felt today.
At the Lolo Summit, I wanted to walk some of the same trails that the Corps traveled, the peaks of the Bitterroot Mountains. The Ranger there said I was welcome to do that, but she warned me that the snow varied from 5 feet to 7 feet on those trails. She also advised that the snow will probably remain on those trails well into June. Needless to say, I didn’t take that hike.
Highway 12 follows the rivers from the summit to the valley below and there is new beauty at every turn. I can only imagine this drive in a convertible in warm weather or maybe a Harley.
The altitude at Lolo summit was 5,366 feet.

Daily data:


  • Beginning odometer at Super 8 in Missoula, Montana was 29,794 miles.
  • Ending odometer at Comfort Inn at Lewiston, Idaho is 30,019 miles.
  • Fuel stop at Missoula.  10.368 gallons @ $3.259 for a total of $33.79.
  • Meals for the day were $24.00
  • Lodging for tonight is $79.74.


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