My first impressions of Montana are beautiful and exciting.
I have long imagined the Big Sky Country to be an impressive mix of mountains, grasslands, and rolling hills. In this first day of travel in Montana, I am seeing that I was on the right track with those expectations. The big sky has been full of snow and clouds so I have yet to see the expansive blue that is famous here.
This is the 15th day of travel on this journey and the website has recorded well over 4600 views, which averages over 300 per day. To think that so many students are watching what I am doing is a bit intimidating. It drives me to do more and try harder to capture the adventure of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery.
An early afternoon blizzard has caused me to bunker down a little early today, but I don’t expect to be stranded for days. I am spending the night in Lewistown, Montana.

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