Driving in the Dakotas today trying to make up the time lost by the Winter Storm Walda.
The scenery in the Dakotas is amazing and varied. It is really an irony that when you see the snowy landscape it is so beautiful, but after driving 2 or 3 hours in it and it doesn’t change, it becomes boring.
Actually stumbled across two monuments, one for Sitting Bull and one for Sakagawea. They are within 100 yards of each other on the banks of the Missouri River at one of its prettiest reservoirs, Lake Oahe near Mobridge, South Dakota. Neither of them have been very well maintained and they show signs of wear and abuse. I understand that the property is privately owned and not government supported, so that may be why they have deteriorated. These monuments are located at N45.51596  W100.48817, elevation 1800 ft. The question in my mind is, which state? North Dakota or South Dakota; I was thoroughly confused by the time I found them. More research for later.
I have changed time zones back and forth between Central and Mountain time and I am not sure which zone I am in here in Bismarck, North Dakota. I guess it really doesn’t matter.
Once in a while I will stop and take a picture of something (like the Bad River) and I really don’t know how it fits into the Lewis and Clark story other than a sign pointed me to it. I thought I had done a lot of research, but not enough for sure.
I saw quite a few ring-necked pheasants today alongside the road but each time I tried to stop and get a photo, they flew away. I also saw a small herd of buffalo but they were too far away for even a telescopic photo. I am sure I will see more in the next few days.

Daily data:

  • Beginning data at Murdo, South Dakota was 27,900.
  • Ending odometer today at Bismarck, North Dakota is 28,275.
  • Ft. Pierre, South Dakota, odometer 27,959. N44.35687  W100.37461 elevation 1427 feet, bought 14.6 gallons @ $3.699 for a total of $54.01.
  • The next fuel stop was at Mobridge, South Dakota, odometer 28155. N45.53739  W100.44256. Bought 11.583 gallons @ $3.799 for a total of $44.00.
  • Food was $21.00 today.
  • Lodging at Super 8 is $72.40


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