A rainy morning in Nebraska. A good time to do my laundry.
Woke up at my usual time, saw it was raining and went back to sleep until 7am. That felt pretty good. It has been a long, active but exciting first week of the journey. Each day I am getting emails from students, friends, and even total strangers that have somehow heard about the website and my journey. Everyone is very encouraging and enthusiastic. Thank you so much.
Tonight, I am sitting in a motel room in Vermillion, South Dakota and watching the weather channel because of some pending problems. Something called Winter Storm Walda. Whatever that is. It seems that over the next 2 or 3 days I will be facing at least 8 inches of new snow and possibly double that.
My plan is to keep a watchful eye on the weather, play it safe and possibly find a motel that will suit me while I sit out “Walda’. I have promised my wife that I will “BE CAREFUL” and I will do that. My schedule is flexible so I can sit it out if I need to.

Daily data:

Beginning odometer was 27,035 at Omaha, Nebraska
Ending odometer is 27,196 at Vermillion, South Dakota Best Western.
Meals cost for the day is $17.
Lodging cost for the night is $86.79.
There was a $1.00 bridge toll
Spent $6.00 for laundry.
+ April 07, 2013