I spent a great 1/2 day + at my first stop, the visitor center at Nebraska City.
I was able to find just the right mixture of indoor museum pieces and outdoor trail hiking to make a really refreshing, informative start for the day.
Three levels of exhibits included  some sophisticated displays of “fishing techniques” and first edition stamps and some hands-on displays for elementary students. Of course the displays of bears and other critters was the best I have seen so far on this trip.
My next stop was to see the confluence of the Missouri River and the Platte River. I was disappointed that I never did get to see the actual confluence of the two rivers. I drove several miles on paths that used to be gravel and followed hand-made signs and eventually made it to the banks of the Platte River, but I could not get to the Missouri River. It appeared to me that some recent flooding may have destroyed the path/roadway to the actual confluence.

Daily data:

beginning odometer was 26,929 miles
Ending odometer at Omaha Comfort Inn is 27,035 miles
Loding for the night is $82.88
There was one bridge toll of $1.25.
No fuel purchased today.
+ April 06, 2013