04-01-2013 Finally on the road!

First stop was Casey’s in Colchester, IL to fill the fuel tank. As you can see on the whiteboard, the odometer reading at the beginning of the trip is 25,961 miles.
Next stop was to view the Lewis and Clark Bridge at Alton, IL. N 38.88809 W 90.17739 Elevation 452 feet. Odometer 26,098
Jones Confluence State Park. This is where the Mississippi River and the Missouri River join. Included 10 miles of driving on a gravel road. 46 degrees.
Washington, Missouri and the Gary Lucy Gallery. Gary Lucy is the best Lewis and Clark artists that I have found. His gallery is two blocks from the Missouri River.
Daniel Boone Burial Site. Although Daniel Boone had nothing to do with Lewis and Clark, he was an important pioneer; so important that Lewis and Clark paid tribute to him when they passed his home area on the Missouri River. N 38.62156 W 91.03459 Elevation 469 feet. 50 degrees F.

Data for the day:

Bought fuel at Warrenton, Missouri. Odometer reading was 26,212. Bought 11.75 gallons at $3.549 per gallon.
Meals cost me $14.00 for the day. I had quite a few snacks that I brought from home.
Stopped for the night at Booneville, Missouri. The room costs $49.01. The odometer is 26,304. It is 48 degrees F.
+ April 01, 2013
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