03-19-2013 Apollo School Will Follow the Journey

A school from the Netherlands named “Apollo” will have two classes of students aged 10 to 12 years old that will follow the Lewis and Clark Expedition with us.  My friend Christiaan Davids has made arrangements with the school through the teacher Mr. Ad Konings.
FLGFIHF1000011789_-00_Netherlands-12-x-18-Nylon-Flag_4Prior to the April 1 start of my journey, Mr. Konings will be teaching the students a few things about the United States and the American west.  He will be teaching them about the American Flag, the states that will be involved in our trip, a little history of the  American Indians, and some facts about the “grizzly bear”.
During my travels, Mr. Konings will be following my progress and he will be discussing the Lewis and Clark diaries.
The website for their school is http://www.obs-apollo.nl/