Helena, Montana

I took photos today in the House of Representatives in the Montana State Capitol Building. How cool is that? 
I visited the capitol building to see a very famous 25 foot mural related to Lewis and Clark. The mural is on the front wall of the Chambers for the House of Representatives and they were in session.  When I explained my mission, I was allowed to enter the gallery and photograph the mural– NO FLASH and try not to disturb the session. I did exactly that. They had some kind of school drum team performing for them, how could a couple of photos disturb that?
The Montana State Museum across the street from the capitol had numerous remarkable displays for only a $5 admission fee. I was not sure I wanted to pay until the young lady mentioned a “white buffalo”. I had to see that. Again, NO FLASH photography. The white buffalo is named “Big Medicine” in recognition of his symbolic importance to Native Americans.  It is a beautiful specimen.
odometer reading 29,404 N46.58680  W112.01602 Elevation 4149 feet
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