The Missouri River is the boundary between Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa so it is hard to tell just where you are. 
Today’s travels started in Kansas and ended in Nebraska, but state lines where crossed a couple different times. Even as I look out hte window, the scenery is so similar, it is difficult to tell which state you are in. It makes me realize that the boundaries are pretty much artificial and probably just a tool for government use.
As today came near an end, I had a brief visit at a place that appears to be a real treasure for someone seeking a Lewis and Clark experience like I am. The place is the “Missouri River Basin Lewis & Clark Interpretive Trail and Visitor Center”. The Center is located in Nebraska City, Nebraska right on the West bank of hte Missouri River.
I am staying at Nebraska City tonight and planning to spend most of tomorrow at the Center.

Today’s data:

Beginning odometer was 26,756 miles.
Ending odometer is 26,929 miles.
Bought fuel at Auburn, Nebraska, 13.374 gallons @ $3.499 for a total of $46.80
Meals cost $14.00
Lodging at Best Western for $77.57
+ April 05, 2013