Thank you Missouri for all the great Lewis and Clark sites.
Now it’s time to head in a more northerly direction in Kansas.  Still following the Missouri River for a rather short trip in Kansas before we travel into Nebraska/Iowa.
Each time I stop to buy fuel, I remind myself of the generosity of the Macomb Rotary Foundation and my State Farm Insurance Agent Cathy Early.  They both made a generous donation to my fuel fund for this trip and I really appreciate it.

Daily data:

Starting odometer reading at Independence, Missouri was 26,635.
Fuel purchased at Independence 11.801 gallons @ $3.299 for a total of $38.93
Admission fee for Arabia $15.00
Ending odometer reading at Atchison, Kansas is 26,755
Meals for the day cost $16.00
Lodging at Super 8 is $73.42
+ April 04, 2013