Educator Questionnaire

Since we still have a few days before the trip begins, I am soliciting input from my friends in Education. If I have a general idea of what information you will be able to use in your classrooms, I can easily adjust my routine reporting on the blog.
Please complete the form at the bottom of this page with feedback on additional information to include in the daily blogs. You can optionally click here to send me an email.

Data Collection for Consideration

  • Odometer readings at every stop
  • Date and time at every stop
  • Fuel purchase data
  • Other expense data,  meals, lodging, fees, etc
  • Weather information
  • Research challenges (Homework)
  • Response to questions posed by students
  • Geography data such as cities, counties, states, mountain ranges, etc
  • Route/highway data so the students could follow my travels on a map or on google
  • Sporadic use of metric measurements to encourage students to use their conversion skills
  • Additional other data/information that you may be able to use in your lesson plans based on your feedback from the form below


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